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WUMO weather robot

Wumo in the world

WUMO the Weather bot

I recently started working with electronics as way to make something real, tangible with programing as a way to learn a little more. Working at Weather Underground I deal a lot with weather so of course one of my first ideas was to make a weather station.

Making something that does the job is never enough, so Amy (my co-conspirator) and I set out to give the little bundle of wires a more entertaining form. Inspired by Adventure Time we settled on a robot body. In addition to housing the controller and sensors, the robot form gave us a good reason to include a large screen that could display data (making the whole thing self contained) and as a bonus, make funny faces.

A quick project to test a few ideas quickly grew and ended up keeping us company at our booth at TechCrunch.

Code is up at: GitHub More construction detail at

Making the weather robot

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