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Weather Underground Community


Weather Underground - Community

As part of Weather Underground's mission to make weather and climate accessible to everyone they attend a wide range of events, from the Tech Crunch hackathons to the AGU science conference and smaller weather community gatherings. Designing an experience includes both the web and app interactions, but for the smaller audience that gets an in-person experience the take away can be memorable



One of the great things about Weather Underground is it's communities, the weather watchers checking in with their monitoring stations and the photographers chasing down the best nature has to offer.

The Wunderphotographers have organized annual meet-ups at different locations around the country to get some face to face time and to see something new in the sky. Weather Underground has been creating shirts to commemorate the locations and the community.




Weather Station Owners

Weather Underground uses a number of data sources to build it's forecasts, one of the things that makes it unique is the personal weather station data that comes in from their community of users. Reaching out to station owners is an ongoing job to let people know that they can use their station data to help their neighbors, and use the tools in their apps and website to get the most from their investment.





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