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Lite-Brite Weather Map

Weather map, behind the scenes

A Home-Made Weather Map

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Continuing the post-hackathon weather gadget making, fueled by the Spark Core (Think Arduino with WiFi) I got from Zack at TechCrunch and liking shiny lights, I started on the weather map. A matrix of addressable LEDs that were in the general form of the United States. The idea was that the spark could talk to the Weather Underground API, pull down temperature data for each of the lat/long locations assigned to each light, and the light would change color to reflect the temperature.

The built in WiFi made talking to the API pretty straight forward, the challenge was more about memory and the API limit, making 100 requests per map refresh was not something my free api account could sustain. Luckily the API team helped me out with my limit to keep the project going.

The big break came when Adam Williams got involved, he was able to program the light matrix to show temperature, precipitation, and storms.

Light Brite Weather Map

Bonus story: while working on the map all the lights switched purple (not assigned to anything), cluing the team into an API problem. Needless to say it was almost immediately fixed and the map came back to life. My little side project accidentally became useful.

Tech detail: 100x rgb addressable LEDs with WS2801 controllers in series, attached to a Spark core being fed data over wifi from the Weather Underground API. Powered by a 5v 2A wall wart plug.

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