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Classic For Kids 2014

The Classic for Kids

The classic is an annual charity golf tournament held in Napa, California to raise funds for the Solano Kids Insurance Program(SKIP). SKIP enables eligible Solano County children to receive health and dental care insurance. These children typically do not qualify for government sponsored programs such as Medi-Cal and come from families who can not afford health insurance for their children. Since 2007, the Classic for Kids Golf Tournament has raised close to two million dollars for this worthwhile cause.

In 2014 the event was recognized for being the sole fund raiser for the Solano Children's Insurance Program, which is credited with taking the county from having the highest rate of uninsured children in the state, to the lowest.

As a reminder of why the work is so important, we were able to have a special guest speaker, a mother who had been touched by the program, and her daughter, who is now in college.

I participated as a member of the conceiving team (This was originally a Solano Magazine project), worked on the identity and collateral, and continue to support with design work and as the event photographer. Busy!


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