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Is it you I am looking for?


Are you the droid we are looking for?

Move along (to our jobs page)

Very silly recruitment ad for an Android Developer for Weather Underground. One of the fun things I get to do between page builds and everything else is little spot ads and traffic drivers.

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Weather Underground Community


Weather Underground - Community

As part of Weather Underground's mission to make weather and climate accessible to everyone they attend a wide range of events, from the Tech Crunch hackathons to the AGU science conference and smaller weather community gatherings. Designing an experience includes both the web and app interactions, but for the smaller audience that gets an in-person experience the take away can be memorable



One of the great things about Weather Underground is it's communities, the weather watchers checking in with their monitoring stations and the photographers chasing down the best nature has to offer.

The Wunderphotographers have organized annual meet-ups at different locations around the country to get some face to face time and to see something new in the sky. Weather Underground has been creating shirts to commemorate the locations and the community.




Weather Station Owners

Weather Underground uses a number of data sources to build it's forecasts, one of the things that makes it unique is the personal weather station data that comes in from their community of users. Reaching out to station owners is an ongoing job to let people know that they can use their station data to help their neighbors, and use the tools in their apps and website to get the most from their investment.





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Sketch 3, first draft

Sketch 3 was introduced to me as a photoshop killer, which of course it is not. Once I got over the enthusiastic introduction, and accepted it as a new and different thing it seemed to be a bit easier to give it a chance.

To get an idea of what sketch was about I took on something familiar, reproducing the Weather Underground homepage, it made focusing on the tools and how they worked easy.

It has it's own logic for how it imagines things to be built, and while it makes sense and makes some things fast, sensible to edit in an iterative workflow, some generative tasks felt slower and clunky to me. It may be that I am so used to my Adobe workflow, shortcuts, etc so I will give it more time.

I had started to use Keynote here and there for quickie wireframes and medium fidelity mocks, and this has a similar feel with way more power.

I have a few side projects I can run though it to see how I feel after putting a few more miles on it.




I was pretty grumpy when one of my first projects was unreadable and I lost some time, but with a tentative pardon I gave it another go. Once I gave it some traction on real site projects (multi-page, multi-option exploration) the tool really opened up.

Now I am that guy in the office evangelizing "oh sketch can automate that, oh sketch has a plugin for that"

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TechCrunch 2014

Tech Crunch 2014 hackathon

Another year at the gigantic hackathon that is TechCrunch with Weather Underground. We had a few devs from the API team out to support the hackers that might have questions pop up and help them along. I came out to support the devs with boxes of little electronic bits and we hacked together little things to pass the slow spots as the clock went around the small hours.


Tech Crunch hackathon

Tim learning the ways of the Arduino with the Spark Core

Wheres WUMO







The material I designed for last year's TechCrunch is HERE

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Cloud Coffee Cup

Magic Mood Mug, or Cloud Coffee Cup

Tasked with mission to come up with branded swag to give out at Weather Underground events I wanted to come up with something less likely to end up in the trash than a logo on a pen.

Temperature sensitive ink on a coffee mug. No coffee (cold) and you get a storm cloud, fill it with precious precious hot coffee, and the sky clears right up. I use mine daily.