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WUMO weather robot

Wumo in the world

WUMO the Weather bot

I recently started working with electronics as way to make something real, tangible with programing as a way to learn a little more. Working at Weather Underground I deal a lot with weather so of course one of my first ideas was to make a weather station.

Making something that does the job is never enough, so Amy (my co-conspirator) and I set out to give the little bundle of wires a more entertaining form. Inspired by Adventure Time we settled on a robot body. In addition to housing the controller and sensors, the robot form gave us a good reason to include a large screen that could display data (making the whole thing self contained) and as a bonus, make funny faces.

A quick project to test a few ideas quickly grew and ended up keeping us company at our booth at TechCrunch.

Code is up at: GitHub More construction detail at

Making the weather robot

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Postit Bot

The post-it robot/display

It started innocently enough, seeing #sfpostit on twitter. I went ahead and built up a quicky storm cloud pointed at GSP up the street.

storm cloud for #sfpostit


It occurred to me, being a weather company, the next level post-it project would be to put the temperature up on the window.

Less fun, sounds like a bunch of work every morning. Having recently bought a copy of make magazine, I got the idea that I could built a robot to do the the work for me.

A post-it display plan was hatched.

First there was the small task of learning how such a thing might work, I immediately went and bought an Arduino, and set myself to learning how to program it. Being a designer, and not a programer I expected this to be a big problem. Thankfully, it wasn't terrible to learn, a few introductory books later I ended up with a pretty good idea of how it might work.

Prototype to test of course.

Post-it Prototype

Then the larger scale.


micro 9g servos wired up by Daniel Fein


To build the silliest analog display using post-it notes, I taught myself a little bit of programing and learned my way around the Arduino and basic electronics. Not a bad little project.

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Cloud Coffee Cup

Magic Mood Mug, or Cloud Coffee Cup

Tasked with mission to come up with branded swag to give out at Weather Underground events I wanted to come up with something less likely to end up in the trash than a logo on a pen.

Temperature sensitive ink on a coffee mug. No coffee (cold) and you get a storm cloud, fill it with precious precious hot coffee, and the sky clears right up. I use mine daily.



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Wundermap Relaunch

Very excited to see the newest revision of the Weather Underground radar app for iPad released into the world. I put together a quick a landing page more for SEO than anything, but it sings a good song.


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Papercraft Nametags

Even the little jobs can be fun. Having been given the mission to make nametags for everyone in the office's desk, I went ahead and came up with a fun papercraft project with moving parts. Burned a tiny bit of budget to get a Cameo plotting cutter to save production time and a half day later they were done.

Papercraft nametags example

Papercraft nametags are all done


Of course there were paper prototypes to start, powerful tools that can be used on even the smallest projects.

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TechCrunch 2013

techCrunch (2 of 5)

Our cloud is real

Cloud this, cloud that. Everyone wants to talk about their virtual cloud and distributed computing. At Weather Underground, our cloud is real. I am excited to help them tell their story to pitch the weather API at Techcrunch this year.

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