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Postit Bot

The post-it robot/display

It started innocently enough, seeing #sfpostit on twitter. I went ahead and built up a quicky storm cloud pointed at GSP up the street.

storm cloud for #sfpostit


It occurred to me, being a weather company, the next level post-it project would be to put the temperature up on the window.

Less fun, sounds like a bunch of work every morning. Having recently bought a copy of make magazine, I got the idea that I could built a robot to do the the work for me.

A post-it display plan was hatched.

First there was the small task of learning how such a thing might work, I immediately went and bought an Arduino, and set myself to learning how to program it. Being a designer, and not a programer I expected this to be a big problem. Thankfully, it wasn't terrible to learn, a few introductory books later I ended up with a pretty good idea of how it might work.

Prototype to test of course.

Post-it Prototype

Then the larger scale.


micro 9g servos wired up by Daniel Fein


To build the silliest analog display using post-it notes, I taught myself a little bit of programing and learned my way around the Arduino and basic electronics. Not a bad little project.